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The Rail Baltica project joined the Estonian Declaration of Intent on Digital Construction

Risto Vahenurm, Indrek Orav and Baiba Rubesa digitally signing the Declaration

Yesterday at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Indrek Orav, head of Rail Baltic Estonia and Baiba Rubesa, head of RB Rail AS, gave their digital signatures on the Estonian Declaration of Intent on Digital Construction.

In the declaration, the signatories are aiming to implement the Building Information Modelling and Management (BIM) in all stages of the Rail Baltica project life-cycle. Tallinn City, Estonian State Real Estate Ltd, Estonian Road Administration and Tallinn Harbour have already joined the declaration.

“One of the goals of the Joint Venture is to streamline the planning and building processes of Rail Baltica as well as to optimise the life-cycle costs of the project. Building Information Modelling is an efficient way to make it achievable”, said Baiba Rubesa, Head of RB Rail AS, the central coordinator of the Rail Baltica project.

According to Indrek Orav, Manager of Rail Baltic Estonia OÜ, the implementation of best practices in digitisation is important for the Rail Baltica project, as in the event of successful implementation, it would help reduce the cost of project materials and financial and human resources. "The Rail Baltica project joining the digitisation initiative will undoubtedly send a signal to the construction sector and the designers wishing to participate in future calls for projects," said Orav.

According to Risto Vahenurm, the head of the Department of Digital Construction at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the current experience from neighbouring countries using BIM shows that it can save up to 20 percent on construction costs.

"It is highly welcome that Rail Baltic Estonia and RB Rail AS are taking the direction of using BIM principles and technology already in the early stages of the Rail Baltica project. In addition, it is noteworthy that a first international company joined the Estonian Declaration of Intent which is a good basis for international BIM-collaboration," Vahenurm added.

Creating and sharing digital building information is key to improving the performance and quality of the construction industry. Through the modelling and management of building information within the Rail Baltica project, it is possible to enhance the functionality and quality of the facility throughout its life-cycle, while reducing construction and life-cycle costs.

Contact: Risto Vahenurm, Head of Digital Construction for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications at risto.vahenurm [at]

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