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Estonia became a founding member of the D5 alliance of leading e-governance countries

Ministers of the D5 alliance
Ministers of the D5 alliance

Last night, the D5 alliance was founded in London, involving five countries which display a high level of e-governance. The purpose of the alliance is exchanging experiences about information society and the e-state.

In addition to Estonia, the network includes the United Kingdom, South Korea, Israel, and New Zealand.

Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Urve Palo, who signed the founding charter of the alliance yesterday as Estonia’s representative, stressed the importance of Estonia belonging in the alliance. “This is a club which unites five of the most developed e-governance countries in the world. It is an honour for Estonia to be part of this club. We are justly proud of our developed information society. We need to take this chance to learn from others and at the same time, we have the obligation to share our experience with the others,” says Palo.

According to the Minister, D5 gives Estonia the opportunity to increase its number of cooperation partners, because our cooperation with Israel, New Zealand and South Korea has so far been limited in issues concerning the information society. These countries boast a highly advanced technology sector, they develop excellent public e-services and the policy of open data receives attention. Estonia has regularly cooperated with the United Kingdom since the year 2012. Among other things, the United Kingdom has begun testing the Estonian data exchange layer X-tee.

“I am glad that my proposal to hold the next D5 summit in Estonia in autumn 2015 was met with approval. One of the key topics of discussion at this summit should then definitely include cyber safety and related issues,” adds Palo.

At the founding conference yesterday and today, and in the upcoming year, D5 will focus on three primary topics: best practices of IT procurement, programming studies for children, and connectivity (Internet availability and quality).