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Register of Economic Activities is renewed

From July 1st, the new Registry of Economic Activities (REA) can be found on the address

The new REA combines more fields of activity with special requirements to a single place and makes the background check of entrepreneurs easier for other businesses, users as well as surveillance institutions.

The REA is renewed due to the coming in force of the new General Part of the Economic Activity Act from July 1st, 2014. 

Reduced administrative burden

Until now, the companies had to ratify their registry data by April 15th every year, from now on it will be tied to the presentation of the annual report or income statement.

In some fields, submitting a notice of economic activities - registration, as it was called before, is not compulsory any more.

Also, the entrepreneurs active in the field that requires issuing a note to the REA can now do it through the info gate and will not have to pay a state fee for that anymore. 

Next steps

When a company is submitting their annual report to the e-Business Register all its licences and notices, which have been recorded to the register, will be displayed. Together with submitting the annual report, the company is confirming that it has also submitted all the notices required by the law or that there are no notices required.

It is also important that the company will check all the data recorded in the e-Business Register, before submitting the confirmation.

If some of the data needs to be changed, the company has to submit a notice for changing them.


Content renewals in the REA 


The new REA has several content renewals.

  • In addition to the information about activity licences and notice of economic activities, the new REA contains all precepts and bans presented to companies. It makes running the background check about a specific entrepreneur easier for consumers, business partners and surveillance institutions.
  • From July 1st, there are less business fields that need a permit for its activity. In some fields, it is not required anymore to register one’s activity in REA, in some fields it is replaced by a duty of notification. Many fields that used to need a permit or registration moved under the so-called free economic activity i.e. no separate permit or notification is needed for their activity.
  • New fields of activity with a duty of notification are the wholesales of biocide and dental whitening products and demonstration of works containing pornography, cruelty or violence. In order to be active in these fields since July 1st, a notice of economic activities has to be presented to the registry.
  • From July, the fields of activity with a duty of activity licence also include buying up and wholesales of precious metal products, activity as a financing institution, providing currency exchange service, providing alternative payment options services, providing trust funds and business unions services, providing pawnshop services and sales, export-import and storage of liquid fuel. These activities used to be activities with a duty of registration.
  • In the REA, it is not required anymore to notify or apply for a permit in the fields of activity listed in the Mining Act and Trading Act. It means that these fields are regulated by the requirements currently in effect, but their activity data is not recorded in the REA. The duty of notification has also been dropped for activity as a housing institution, retail sales of precious metals and making precious metal products as a service.
  • As an exception, the duty of notification remains for entrepreneurs active in the sales of alcoholic and tobacco products. The housing institutions who wish to sell alcoholic beverages will have to present a notice about it to the REA.
  • In addition to that, the REA now also comprises fields that used to be regulated by special laws, but the data of the enterprises in these fields was not centrally gathered. These fields are for example heritage protection, plant protection, gun safety, security services, environmental services, audio-visual services etc.


Last updated: 30 March 2015