Principles of Estonian competition policy

Estonian competition policy is a part of the national economic policy and it serves a clear aim – protection and development of competition.

Four main trends of the competition policy:
  • Creative policy – disestablishment and privatisation are used to provide the prerequisites for natural development of the market economy.
  • Protective policy – preventing the emergence of new, deliberate restriction to competition.
  • Supporting policy – non-deliberate market failures are diminished to improve market transparency and the movement of market participants (e.g. consumer protection, entrepreneurship support and training courses).
  • Replacement policy – competition will be replaced for regulations, in the event of incorrigible market failures; various spheres will be construed as exempted spheres and, where appropriate, existing restrictions will be strengthened.



Implementation and surveillance

The responsibility for the implementation of the Competition Act lies in the Republic of Estonia with the Estonian Competition Authority; state aid matters are regulated by the Ministry of Finance.


Last updated: 13 March 2015