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The winner of the first e-governance hackathon is Net Group with its solution for the Emergency Centre

Net Group team celebrating
Net Group team celebrating

Nineteen IT enterprises presented their campaign solutions in the competition for new e-governance solutions, organised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and Garage48. Net Group, who offered a solution to the problem raised by the Emergency Centre regarding submission of images and videos during emergency calls, was chosen as the winner.

The runner-up was the Proekspert team who solved the problem regarding the inefficiency of museum inventories, which had been set forth by the Ministry of Culture. Third place went to the application intended to automate the company name verification process in the e-Business Register upon setting up a company, created by the Flow-It team. Several additional special prizes and mentions were granted as well.

“The three-day hackathon was our test project on how to conduct this type of a competition in regard to resolving the challenges of e-governance. We wish to carry out several other similar events in the next two years and we hope to see familiar faces as well as new companies and state authorities participating,” noted Rene Tammist, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology.

“I hope that this year’s hackathon results in the continuation of actual cooperation between various state authorities and companies. Several solutions developed during the event are ready for use after finishing touches and would increase the efficiency and simplify state functions, as well as make them more user-friendly,” added the minister.

The development campaign, which was carried out from 12 to 14 December at the Telliskivi Creative City, saw companies seeking solutions to real problems in the public sector over the course of 48 hours.

In the hackathon, 18 companies (listed in alphabetical order) presented their solutions to problems set forth by 14 state authorities: AlphaBlues, CGI, Credit Info, Datel, Finestmedia, Flow-it, Fujitsu, Helmes, Mikaels Labs, Mooncascade, Net Group, Optimist Digital, Producement, Pro-Ekspert, Reach U (two teams), Taltech, TIIM B, Vumonic.

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