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Simson: Consumer interests must be more protected in the EU


Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, Kadri Simson stated today in Brussels at the European Commission's Consumer Protection Policy Initiative that the European Union, as policymakers, must ensure a market where consumers are adequately protected and businesses can grow in a level playing field.

"The impact analysis has indicated the need for legislative changes, such as the introduction of consumer protection in the event of unfair commercial practices, the need for increased transparency in online markets and the simplification of pre-contractual information," the minister said.

According to Simson, the awareness-raising and educational activities focused on essential European Union consumer law aspects that empower our consumers as well as businesses to provide more reliable consumption patterns, are also important. "Therefore, we see that the information that comes with the discussions at the political level in the Council is very important for the general public," she added.

Today, the European Commission launches the New Deal for Consumers campaign, the goal of which is to eliminate gaps in consumer law directives and improve the supervision of these rights, especially for large-scale infringements.

In addition to legislative initiatives, a part of the package is the Commission's plan to carry out awareness-raising events in the Member States under the heading "Consumer dialogues" in spring-summer 2018 in order to receive support and response to the Commission’s initiatives from consumers and other market players.

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