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Member States and partners signed the Tallinn Declaration on e-Energy


All of the 28 Member States of the European Union, Norway and 14 energy specialised associations and companies signed the Tallinn e-energy declaration on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The declaration is the first comprehensive agreement of goodwill in the world, that unites the development of energy and information technology, with the aim of encouraging cooperation between the European Union Member States and the private sector with the aim of developing a broad-based strategy for the digitisation of energy.

"Today, it's not possible to advance with any topic without putting it into the context of the development of information technology," said Kadri Simson, Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure. "During the Presidency of the European Union, Estonia as an e-state has taken a leading role here. Estonian consumers have received digital solutions in the field of energy rather well, but we are undoubtedly still at the very beginning of a long journey. It is precisely for this reason that it is important today to agree on a common vision for the future and a cooperation format in Europe," she added. The strategy for digitisation in the energy sector, developed in close cooperation with the private sector, allows to provide the best practices already deployed in the Member States and to avoid compatibility issues between different digital platforms.

According to the minister, a new situation has already emerged, where people are no longer simply consumers of electricity, but micro-producers at an increasing level. "It requires new smart solutions, management of electric power from the network to the household and vice versa. Modern appliances allow the consumption of electricity to be planned to a time when it is cheaper on the market," added the minister.

The minister pointed out that the European Union has taken ambitious targets for reducing CO2 emissions, and shared the view that technology is playing a pivotal role here.

The Tallinn e-Energy declaration is available at:

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