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Public Relations Department

The Public Relations Department informs the public of the activities of the Ministry. The department co-ordinates the relations between the Ministry and the public and will develop public relations plans for various departments of the Ministry.

Rasmus Ruuda

Head of Public Relations Department

Rasmus Ruuda co-ordinates the work of the Public Relations Department, establishes goals and is accountable for the results. Rasmus advises the Ministers on communication and co-ordinates the communication of energy sector issues in the administrative area of the Ministry in general.

 Phone: +372 625 6429; +372 5344 4417
rasmus.ruuda [at]


Mihkel Loide


Mihkel Loide co-ordinates the communication of transport sector issues, including road and rail transport sector and Rail Baltic. Mihkel is also responsible for developing crisis communication.

 Telefon: 625 6430, +372 530 01777
mihkel.loide [at]


Kadri Tonka


Kadri Tonka co-ordinates the communication of economic development and construction sector issues.

 Telefon: 625 6493; +372 566 43972
kadri.tonka [at]


Emilie Toomela


Emilie Toomela co-ordinates the communication of ICT and internal market issues.

 Telefon: 625 670; +372 581 45058
emilie.toomela [at]


Laura Laaster

Executive Officer

The main functions of Laura Laaster include co-ordination of communication within the Ministry. Laura is also responsible for the development of the Ministry’s communication on the Internet.

 Phone: 625 6428
laura.laaster [at]



Last updated: 12 February 2018