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Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

Suur-Ameerika 1, Tallinn, 10122, Estonia

The Ministry is open
Mon-Thu 8.30-17.15 
Fri 8.30-16.00
Please register for an appointment.

  • Phone:(+372) 625 6342
  • Fax:(+372) 631 3660
  • E-mail:info [at]
  • Registry code: 70003158

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The e-mail addresses of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications are intended for professional communication only, the transmission of advertising and other irrelevant information to these addresses is prohibited. Media inquiries should be sent to the Public Relations Department.

The functions of document management, administration, state asset management, legal services and personnel work are performed by the joint department of the ministries, the contacts of which can be found in the contact list of the Ministry of Finance.


Budget Department

Name Position Phone E-mail
Andres Uusma Director of Budget Department (+372) 639 7655 [javascript protected email address]
Ülle Kallas Manager of Accounting (+372) 639 7634 [javascript protected email address]
Helena Siemann Deputy Director for Budgetary Area (+372) 639 7667 [javascript protected email address]
Helina Voltri Leading Analyst (+372) 639 7614 [javascript protected email address]
Viivi Rõõs Chief Specialist (+372) 625 6331 [javascript protected email address]
Krista Fazijev Chief Specialist (+372) 639 7620 [javascript protected email address]
Irina Verjovkina Chief Specialist (+372) 625 6339 [javascript protected email address]
Rita Juhanni Financial Specialist (+372) 625 6336 [javascript protected email address]
Regina Raukas Analyst (+372) 625 6373 [javascript protected email address]