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Structural Funds 2007-2013

Social and economical development differences are being reduced through the European Union's regional policy, in particular through structural support.

During the period of 2007-2013 Structural Assistance is allocated from three funds, which are the main sources of support of the European Union. These are the following:
• European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
• European Social Fund (ESF)
• Cohesion Fund (CF)
The EU supports Estonia’s social and economical development in 2007-2013 with 3.4 billion euros.
11. January 2007, the Government, approved the submission of the “National Strategic Reference Framework 2007-2013" and the three operational programmes to present the European Commission.
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Each year the activities of the implementation plan will be drawn up based on cumulative reports. Annual Monitoring Report provides an overview of structural measures to be carried out by means of opening up to finance progress, the Implementation Plan to achieve target levels of indicators, the results of the analysis and the publicity to raise awareness of the operational program.
The structural funds are being implemented in reality by the following units:
In state administrative contracts awarded to private entities (such as EAS, KredEx), which provides the administrative performance of the power over a specified period and the extent of the funding period.
The Ministry enters into a contract a provision for allocation of the recipients of the state (the so-called cash-contract). Contract funds to be allocated to administrative expenses, funds on the structural funding, grants and programs, is co-contribution (these funds, which amplifies the structural support for the country), and government facilities. 
The communication plan of the implementation of Economic Environment.
The purpose of the communication plan is to enhance the public awareness of the economic environment in the European Union structural funds and to increase the transparency of aid distribution.
The plan includes both the communication objectives, principles, as well as sector overviews of Ministry OP.
In Communication plan, there is also pointed out the main activities and the implementation plan, which is constantly being improved annually.
Communication plan was approved by the European Commission 08.07.2008.

About structural funds in the Ministry sphere, officials update the Toetustasku blog.
For more information, please visit Structural Assistance website.