Monday, 21st April 2014 11:02




The cases have been missing in Estonia. The main reason as ENCP itself sees it comes from several reasons. Firstly, as in a small country it is possible to solve disputes without mediators, foreign enterprises who would like to raise any issues turn directly to the minister in charge of a special topic. Low levels of hierarchy, prevalent in Estonia thus reduce the objective need for ENCP as a mediator.

Also, most of the principles outlined in Guidelines are sufficiently reflected in Estonian legislation, thus making them compulsory to follow for all enterprises operating in Estonia. This leaves the ENCP mainly with potential special instances that may be brought against Estonian companies operating abroad. However, as the number of Estonian multinationals is not large and most of them are actually SME’s, then it seems that the level of internationalization of Estonian enterprises is not yet at the level where ENCP would receive a large number of enquires. Therefore ENCP sees today its main role in awareness building and in preparing for potential special instances, whenever they arise.