Sunday, 20th April 2014 12:28



Building and Housing

The general aim of the state in housing is to guarantee the possibility of all citizens of Estonia to choose a dwelling. National housing development proceeds from the principles of balanced social and regional development.

The basis for solving urgent problems of housing sector and its sustainable development is to guarantee the preservation of the existing housing stock, increasing the flexibility of regional housing market, diversifying types of dwellings and improvement of credit terms. Specific aims proceed from the need to prolong the life-time of the existing housing stock, first of all to prevent blocks-of-flats become unfit for use as a result of insufficient maintenance and repairs and also speed up final solution of problems concerning tenants of houses returned to owners.

Developing housing further we have to proceed from the fact that almost 96% of Estonian housing stock is privately owned.

When Estonian society and an average citizen of Estonia become gradually wealthier, attention should be paid to favouring building of new houses.  This enables step-by-step to replace technically and morally outdated dwellings, developing new residential districts and integrating them to old dwelling areas and local districts.